Tata Crucible in Campus 2011 Coimbatore

Great quiz. A bit too arbit on the prelims to be frank. But that’s TC for you. Enjoy the questions!
Aside: We made it to the wild card round and crashed out with a score of -2. 🙂
Find the entire prelim and main rounds questions here:


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Weekly #7

We return yet again after a long break. A set of 5 questions for this week (Feb 9-16 2011). Post your answers as comments by then.

1. VISUAL: Though not a modern nationalist, he is regarded as the founder of the modern form of this country because of the dramatic reforms in the military, economic and cultural spheres that he instituted. His duration of regime was the longest for any ruler of that country. Identify him (shown here with his coat of arms) and the person who went on to break his record?








ANS: Muhammad Ali Pasha who founded modern Egypt and of course the chap who broke the record was Hosni Mubarak. KD and Anand crack this with ease.

2. VISUAL: One of the first of its kind in the industry, first started in 1970 and still continues to exist today, this train carried 1 million gallons of what on a weekly basis between Florida and New Jersey? (looking for something specific)

ANS: Tropicana Juice. KD and Anand right yet again!

3.VISUAL: Who’s making a cameo as whom in this critically acclaimed film?

ANS: Uncracked. This is Martin Scorsese as Vincent Van Gogh in Akira Kurosawa’s “Dreams”

4. Connect







ANS: Battle of Magenta. The shade Magenta takes its name from the same. Went uncracked.

5. This North London housing project was completed in 2009. Simlpy identify.

ANS: Highbury Square. Anand only gets this!


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Weekly #6

After a remarkably dry season, the quizzing finally returns!

Here are some questions for the week. Enjoy!

1) Sitter. Identify the original painting on which this rather controversial one was based on. What was the controversy by the way?

ANSWER: This is the mocking of “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolas Tulp” by Rembrandt of course, and Mandela was the target unfortunately.

2) Who are these two ? [Hint: Life, Liberty and ….]

Answer: This is Chris Gardner, founder of Gardner Rich & co. who was immortalised in the movie , The Pursuit of Happiness with his son.

3) Who’s this Superman ?

Answer: Li Ka Shing, as Vinay puts it Hutch maama!

4) Connect

Answer: Nice crack by vinay! The left model shows what Berlin would have become if Hitler won the war and the one on the right is the “Cathedral of Light”, both the brainchild of Nazi architect Albert Speer. Wiki this guy for more info.

5) Connect

Answer: Only gunglee saw thru this one! All these people are alumnus of Loyola college, Madras! (except for the saint guy of course who happens to be St. Ignatius of Loyola himself!). And nice attempt by Vinay 😛

6) Id these 2 legends and their one time collaboration project in 2006

Answer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and James Horner, Apocalypto …what else? Heard well by Vinay S Warrier!

Aside: The scoring system is temporarily shelved for pure reasons of laziness. Will try to resume it later on.


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Weekly #5

The 5th weekly edition is open for all the quizzaholics.

7 questions which will remain open for 7 days(till August 4 2010).

1. We continue the tradition of starting with doosies. Id this organisation that’s been in the papers lately :

Answer: Wikileaks. Muthu and Gunglee get this right.

2. Connect

Answer: The connect I was looking for was the song ‘Vaishnava Janato’ a favorite of Gandhiji’s. In the film ‘Hey Ram’ the version which plays after the assassination of the Mahatma was voiced by the late D.K.Pattamal (centre pic). She was 80 years old at that time and due to her health conditions, Kamal Haasan and Ilayaraaja took the recording equipment to her home and captured the song. This song was her last in films.

3. Id and connect these 3 legendary gentlemen.

Answer: They are Earl Lloyd, Chuck Cooper and Nat Clifton. The first African-American players in the NBA.

4. Connect the letters C, D, H, K, N, O, R, S, V and Z with these 2 other images :

So the connect is visual acuity test charts.

5. The man on the extreme right is mistakenly considered the inventor of the modern day ___________  machine but he has never claimed to have been so, although he had patent wars against another man who also had perfected upon the design. Anyway the question deals with his wife (one of many in fact) who is shown in the middle. Rumors are that she posed for the sculptor on the left for what is arguably his most famous work. Put funda.

Okay here’s a giveaway hint:

Answer: The man on the extreme right is Isaac Singer, founder of the Singer sewing machine company. Isabella Eugene Boyer(center) was one of his wives who posed for Bartholdi(left) who sculpted the Statue of Liberty from her looks. The hint given was Ellis Island where the statue now stands in front of.

6. What connects these 2 ladies ?

Answer: Columbia and Bharat Mata, the respective female personifications of the USA and India.

7. A dry question to end with. Put funda

a)Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford: USA

b) Henry I, Henry II, Richard I and Henry V: UK

c) Adolf Hitler, Ayatollah Khomeini, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong: Australia

Answer: A bit twisted ,yes,  but the answer is this: These were the 4 choices provided for the final question of the game show, ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, where the partcipant won a million dollars. (In the US, UK and Aussie versions)


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Daily 71 – And before the main show…

Connect. (Specific)

Answer: These are a series of Pixar shorts which are released along with their main movies in the theatre screening. The last one titled ” Day and Night” was screened before toy Story 3’s premiere and it was an awesome concept! Kadambari got this one right.


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Daily 70 – Holy mother of god!

Looking for a specific etymology here.

Version one:

This baby made in the 16th century was renowned for her fabulous cargo, which stoked the English appetite for trade with the Far East, then a monopoly of the country that made her :

Version 2:

A church of the same name as the above ship was consecrated by a very prominent family from the same country in a land far, far away who lived in a region which was the namesake of the apostle depicted below:


Note: Weekly remains open for 4 days.

Answer: This one went uncracked. The ship went by the name Madre de Deus ( literally mother of God in Portuguese). A church of the same name was founded by a well to do Poruguese family who lived in an area called Santhome ( from Saint “Doubting” Thomas who lived and died in Mylapore). This is how the city of Madras got its name.

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The Weekly edition returns

We resume the continuation of the weekly after a long time. The theme this time is India. Get cracking!

1. A sitter to start with. What important event in our country’s history is being depicted?

Answer: Vasco da Gama sets foot in India in Calicut and delivers his King’s message to the Zamorin. Anand, Kamal Rathi and Vinay scoop this with ease.

2. Ok. Not so easy one. Id the guy who’s been circled.

Hint: Kollywood has this man to thank for modern make up, cabaret dance numbers, mobile camera and intimate love scenes!

Answer: Anand and Muthu crack this one! Its Ellis R Dungan, an American director who introduced MGR in his debut venture Sathi Lellavathi

3. Who’s the guy shaking hands with Mrs. Clinton?

Answer: This one went uncracked. This is Ajith Jain, called as the man Warren Buffet trusts the most. He is supposedly the next heir to Berkshire Hathaway.

4. Connect

Answer: The answer is Lucknowi Chikan work/ chikan embroidery. It is normally said that Nur Jehan started this tradition. Kamal Rathi is the lone veteran who gets this one. Well done.

5.  He must feel proud to have done what no Indian has done yet. Who and what?

Answer: The volleyball might have seemed misleading, but this is actually Komaleshwar Shankar. He remains the only Indian to have refereed in a FIFA world cup match(in the sidelines) in 2002 Japan/Korea, thus technically being our country’s lone representative back then. Goes uncracked.

6. The origins of this art are shrouded in antiquity. Tradition states that this style of painting originated at the time of the Ramayana, when King Janak commissioned artists to do paintings at the time of marriage of his daughter, Sita, to Lord Ram. An alternative name for this painting style comes from the same region it originated. Id.

Answer: Madhubani/Mithila painting. Anand, Vinay and Kamal Rathi get this one too. Well done.

Note: will upload the scores in a while.


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QFI Open Quiz 2010

From their main website (click here to see that):

The Quiz Foundation of India (Chennai Chapter) is proud to announce ‘The QFI Open Quiz 2010’, the sixth edition of the annual open quiz, which has become a fixture on the Chennai quizzing calendar.

The earlier editions of the QFI Opens have been resounding successes, attracting more than 120 teams each time, including some from Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. This time, the quiz promises to be both bigger and better. Apart from being original, well researched and immensely entertaining, the QFI Open also aims at making quizzing a fun experience for everyone involved. It will try and bring to a wider audience the same mix of light-hearted fun and serious high-standard quizzing that is seen at QFI’s fortnightly meetings.

It is an open quiz with no conditions whatsoever for participation. All are welcome to participate. Prizes include Landmark gift vouchers. Do come and have fun. There will a INDIA quiz in the morning at 10:00 a.m at the same venue. Plenty of audience prizes are also on offer. The details are as follows:

Date: 26th of June, 2010 (Saturday)

Venue: Tatvaloka Auditorium, Eldams Road, Teynampet, Chennai

Schedule of Events

I. Quizzicus Indica: The India Quiz

Quizmaster: Yagnyesh (Yaggy)

Research Team: Arun Ramanath, Venkatesh (Matti) & Rohit

Timings: Prelims – 10:00 a.m. and Finals – 11:00 a.m.

Team size: Maximum of 3 members

II. General Quiz

Quizmaster: Samanth Subramanian

Research Team: G. Swaminathan & R. Jayakanthan

Timings: Prelims – 03:00 p.m. and Finals – 04:30 p.m.

Team size: Maximum of 3 members

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Daily 69

3 questions for the day. (Really bored!)

1. What’s this marking all about ? (Take a good look at the place)

Answer: This spot marks the place where the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II took place in the Vatican by the Turkish man Mehmet Ali Agca. Goes uncracked.

2. Something that was built to commemorate the centennial of a nation’s first constitution. What?

Answer: Estadio Centenario, Uruguay. Built in 1929-30. Hosted first FIFA WC. Anand gets this one.

3. A finally took X away from B in 1983, thereby providing a sigh of relief to international sport. Id all and what was special about B with respect to X ?

Answer: Quoting Anand >>

Americans Once Held The Longest Winning Streak In History.
The Trophy is the “Auld Mug”, or The America’s Cup is a trophy awarded to the winner of the America’s Cup sailing regatta match, and the oldest active trophy in international sport.
The trophy remained in the hands of the New York Yacht Club (B) from 1857 until 1983 when the Cup was won by the Royal Perth Yacht Club(A), with their yacht, Australia II, ending the longest winning streak in the history of sport.


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Daily 68- Race is on my mind!

E  was a very very rich European entrepreneur who was on a very famous board between 1900 and 1909. He specified something there which was a technical break through of those times and it was designed by D & M. He also made a deal that it would be named after his daughter X. Start rolling the comments 🙂

As Vinay and Sandy put it :

>Emil Jellinek
>Gottlieb Daimler
>Wilhelm Maybach
>Adriana Manuela Ramona Jellinek ‘Mercédès’


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